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22 February 2013

Mizo Poll Watchdog Urges Voters To Vote

Aizawl, Feb 22 : Election watchdog for clean polls and anti-corruption movement organisation, People’s Right to Information and Development Implementing Society of Mizoram (PRISM) has asked the voters in Chalfilh constituency bye-elections not to vote for the Congress candidate.

This follows the recent PRISM call on the Mizoram Congress party to nominate another candidate as Dr Ngurdingliana was not acceptable as a candidate for the State Assembly having willingly participated in be-fooling the people of the State by staging a fake kidnapping of himself and other candidates in the 2003 Assembly elections.

The organisation also said that the incident had defamed the two factions of the Hmar People’s Convention (HPC) as they were accused of the kidnapping while the winner of the then polls, Lalsangzuala was hounded to resign by the Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA) based on that fake incident. All along they had kept quiet with the truth only coming out after public pressure forced a police inquiry which was hidden by the government till a local weekly had accessed the report through RTI and published it.

The Congress had stated that the candidate had already apologised to the party for his misdemeanor and he had been forgiven and that should be the end of it. Several student organisations in the constituency also has asked the Congress not to field the man.

Meantime, the Church- based election watchdog, Mizoram People’s Forum (MPF) public platform for candidates in the constituency was boycotted by over seven local students organisations for refusing to give the independent candidate space at the public platform on Tuesday.

The students said that if this is the way MPF conducts its ‘election watch’ they are going against the tenets of democracy in which all have the right to participate equally whether it is as voters or candidates. The MPF have no right to reject any candidate on any ground to participate in a public forum, the students said.

The MPF secretary and spokesman, Lalramthanga, however, remained adamant saying that “the MPF had signed an agreement only with the political parties” and if independent candidates were to be part of their agreement they would have to discuss it in the MPF.


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