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08 January 2013

Ahmedabad Couple Helps Lost Mizo woman find her home

Ahmedabad, Jan 8 : After you read this story, probably you will be proud to be in the same city which is home to good Samaritans like Bharat Sata and his wife. Setting a positive example for others too, this noble couple rose above the general tendency to avoid legal hassles that come from helping people in distress to help a young woman from North-east trace out her PG accommodation in the city.
Businessman from Maninagar, Bharat Sata and his wife spent more than 4 hours for Juliana, a 30-year-old woman from Mizoram, who was lost in Navrangpura after she had left her PG accommodation in the morning. With their help and determination, the couple finally found the address of her accommodation located near Gujarat College. 
Sata, who deals in quartz stone, had come to the Tibetan market behind Navrangpura bus stop along with his wife for shopping on Sunday afternoon. While entering the market, the couple spotted a girl from North-east surrounded by auto drivers. “I saw that the girl looked confused and lost. Auto drivers surrounded her after she asked one of them to help her. However, she soon became an object of amusement for them,” said Sata, who decided to help the girl. “I saw my own daughter in her face and decided to help her out at any cost” said a concerned Sata. 
Talking to the couple, the girl told them her nickname is Juliana and that she hails from Mizoram. However, her voter ID card had her real name which is HL Thangilazgi. She claimed to be a therapist and a fashion stylist. 
The confused and utterly lost woman kept speaking in English and Mizo, and from what he could understand from her broken English, Sata could gather she had come to the city only two days ago, as she wanted to take admission in some management course and had put up in a PG accommodation. “But, after leaving her residence, and coming to Navrangpura, she forgot the address and couldn’t recall the name of the area too. Thus lost, she couldn’t go back to her place,” said Sata, who took her to Navrangpura police station for further help. 
From the police station, Juliana was referred to the women police station at around 5pm. However, no one understood her language and she was once again sent back to Navrangpura police station. Finally at 6:30pm, cops called an interpreter and learnt that Juliana was staying in a PG accommodation near a church on Gujarat college road. Cops them took her along and was finally successful in finding her residence going according to her directions. Cops learnt that Juliana shares a room with a girl from Italy and doesn’t know anything about the city.


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