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08 December 2012

Hmars in Delhi to Celebrate Sikpuiruoi

By Lalremlien Neitham

New Delhi, Dec 8 : The Hmar tribals residing in India's capital city will be celebrating the community's post harvest winter festival "Sikpuiruoi" today at Grih Kalyan Kendra Open Lawns, RK Puram-I, New Delhi.

The festival is organised by the Delhi Hmar Sikpui Organising Committee (DHSOC) .

The programme will start from 1:00pm in the afternoon.

Former chairman of Delhi Hmar Welfare Association (DHWA) Darsiemlien Ruolngul will grace the festival as Sikpui Pa (Sikpui Father).

In the first session, which will be co-hosted by Zacharia Varte and Grace Lalthlawnpek, an opening prayer will be graced by Rev.Neilaia Darlong.

Prizes distribution for this year's Sikpui Sports will be handed over to the players who participated in the sports that was held in November.

Pastor Lalsiesang Joute will then release VL Renga Hriler's second romance novel "Chantawk Part 2" .

DHWA Nghak Upa will crown the Sikpui Pa with the traditionally coveted head gear "Tawnlairang" .

The Sikpui Pa will then also formally open the Sikpuiruoi festival and give a Sikpui speech.

Hmar historian and writer Pu L.Keivom, IFS (Retd) will speak on the history and significance of Sikpuiruoi festival celebrated by the Hmar kindred people, followed by the singing of the sacred Sikpui Song led by the youth leaders - Val Upa and Nghak Upa.

A Sikpui dance will be performed by the participants of the festival.

A Sikpui dance can not begin until the Sikpui song is sung.

DHWA cultural troupe will also perform Hmar cultural dances - Sikpui Lam (Sikpui Dance) and Hrang Lam (Victory Dance) .

After the end of the session, there will be a traditionally prepared Sikpui feast - bawngsa chartang le vawksa hmepawk.

The second session, which will start from 5pm will be co-hosted by Henry Haulienkung and Elizabeth L.Sungte.

Beautiful models will be showcasing the unique and colorful Hmar traditional handlooms during the fashion show.

Various Hmar artistes in Delhi will also be performing with a live band.

Lal Pan Liani, popular Mizo artiste from Myanmar (Burma) who came all the way to participate at the Delhi Sikpuiruoi 2012 will also perform during the singing festival.

In the past, the Hmars do not celebrate every year.

It is celebrated only in the year of abundant harvest at a convenient time during December and January and would extend to several days and sometimes even a month.

But usually, the celebration lasts for seven days.

Memorabilia of Sikpui festival - Sikpui stones - can still be seen in Mizoram, Manipur and Assam.

The NC Hills and Karbi Anglong districts of Assam have declared 5th December as a Sikpui Festival Holiday.


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