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03 December 2012

Delhi Never Raised influx issue with Dhaka, say MPs from Bangladesh

The issue of illegal migration from Bangladesh has always been a matter of concern; the bitter irony is that the Indian Government has never addressed these issues to Bangladesh government at diplomatic level.

A twelve- member parliamentary delegation team from Bangladesh, which is currently in Guwahati, stated that India has never discussed anything related to illegal infiltration migration from Bangladesh.
A twelve member team of parliamentary delegation which is on a three day visit to India on a Parliamentary dialogue between India and Bangladesh has stated that, the Indian Government has never raised the issue of influx from Bangladesh and that the country is clueless about illegal migration to India. The delegation also reiterated that if India takes up the matter, it will be addressed accordingly.
The MPs  said that Bangladesh has already extradited  the militants from North- east to the Indian Government and very soon it is going to take  up a extraction treaty to have precise formula to hand over militants.

They also said that the treaty will help the government to take proper step regarding extradition of ULFA leader Anup Chetia, who is currently lodged in a jail of Bangladesh.
Regarding the controversial land boundary demarcation issue, the parliamentary delegations stated that after the signing of protocol of the Land Boundary Act 1974 by Indian PM Manmohan Singh with Hasina Govt in Bangladesh , most of the issues relating to the India- Bangladesh land dispute has been settled off.

They said issues of border dispute and illegal influx will not harm the growing economic relationship between India and Bangladesh.


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