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20 November 2012

Northeast Reads More Than The Rest of India: Govt Report

New Delhi, Nov 20 : The northeastern states of India have a greater number of young readers despite their economic backwardness, a government report revealed Monday.

“The north-eastern states of India, despite their economic backwardness, have a greater proportion of readers among its youth population.

The survey results reveal that in the north-eastern states, 43 percent of youths are readers. While the central states have the largest block (85 percent) of non-readers, the northeast has the smallest (57 percent),” the report said.

The survey, published by National Book Trust, attempts to give an analytical and detailed account of the reading habits of literate youths in the northeast and their exposure to different forms of media.
The report also says even though literacy among general castes dominates northern, eastern and north-eastern states, the northeast has a higher proportion (23 percent) of literate youths from the Scheduled Tribes.

Moreover, the northeastern states have a relatively higher concentration of Muslim literate youths since about a third of the youths in the region are Muslims, followed by 18 percent Christians.
The report will be released by Human Resource Development Minister MM Pallam Raju Tuesday.


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