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19 November 2012

Chef Rushed To Hospital After Tasting Naga Chilli

London, Nov 19 : A chef suffered a severe reaction after tasting a sauce made from Naga chillies, prepared for a Brit restaurant's 'Man v Food'-style hot wings challenge.

Staff drove Arif Ali, 26, to Hillingdon hospital, where he was treated and later discharged, but Ali spent the next week suffering severe stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

According to one onlooker, Ali happily tasted the food at Jimmy's restaurant, in London's O2 arena, as customers cheered him on, but he soon began sweating.

After drinking some milk, he carried on eating two more of the flaming hot chicken wings.

"But then he started gasping. The sweat was pouring off him and he collapsed at the table," the Daily Mail quoted the onlooker as telling The Daily Star.

"He was then carried off by a few staff into a car and rushed to hospital. One minute he was fine - the next he passed out and was in real trouble," the onlooker said.

The restaurant had wanted to challenge the boldest among customers with its fiery sauce, in the style of television series, 'Man v Food.'

"We have now decided in the interests of customer safety not to put this particular item on our menu," restaurant manager Salim Khan said.

Naga Jolokia chillis measure 250,000 on the Scoville scale of chilli strength and are far hotter than pepper spray.

It is so potent that they should only be handled using latex gloves.


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