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10 October 2012

Mizoram Govt in Tangles Over HPC-D

Aizawl, Oct 10 : The Hmar People's Convention (Democratic) - HPC (D) - has, once again, pushed the Government of Mizoram to another dire strait as it stands its ground firm not to allow the Government of Mizoram to conduct Village Council (VC) elections in Sinlung Hills, the outfit's demand area.

The Government of Mizoram has been desperately trying to conduct the elections as it has already fixed more than one date for filing the nomination papers.

Today, being another last day for filing nominations, no party or candidate turn up to register for the election as the HPC(D) maintains that in the name of democracy the Government of Mizoram has been rendering institutional injustices to the Hmar people on all fronts for decades.

As the extended date draws no candidate the Government is taken by more than a surprise as the VC is seen as the vehicle of delivering grassroots democracy, although significantly determined by the ruling party.

According to sources, representatives of the Government of Mizoram visited the jailed leaders of the HPC (D) in Aizawl Central Jail yesterday to negotiate for a free conduct of the elections.

Unfortunately, the HPC (D) leaders did not hand out any straw to the visiting Government officials. The dogged pursuit by the Government sees no end as they summoned the President of the HPC, Thangliensung today in Aizawl to find a way out of the wall.

“I have no control over the HPC(D) and I haave no authority over them, so my limitations are as clear as the daylight. No doubt, we want peace and solution, but the Governmant as well as the HPC(D) has to be seriously and equally engaged in finding the solution”, Thangliensung said.

Meanwhile, the HPC (D) has laid down conditions for the Government of Mizoram if it is serious about talking to them; the arrested leaders should be released unconditionally. The HPC (D) has also expressed its desire to talk if the condition is fulfilled and if the Government is serious in delivering justice to the Hmar peoples.

With the assembly elections drawing closer, the Congress run Government of Mizoram is putting up its best to show that Mizoram is “militant free” and peaceful.

However, the Mizo National Front and other political parties has been severely accusing the Congress led Government for failing democracy, and for its inability to conduct the Village Council elections and for the non-functioning of the Young Mizo Association (YMA) in the HPC (D) demand area.

A significant section of the Mizos has been taking the uproot of the YMA as humiliation and disgrace, while the Chakma's, Lai and Mara could see the breathe and life of their culture, identity and traditions without the YMA in their respective districts.

A couple of days ago while inaugurating a flower festival, the Home Minister of Mizoram stated that the Government will not spare anyone that challenge the peace and harmony of the State.

The Home Minister also said that if the HPC(D) does not withdraw its stand, it would employ the central security forces to maintain peace and order in the State, which would usher in another disturbed state.

The HPC (D) maintains that securing peace and justice would only be realisable if the Government of Mizoram created a Hmar Autonomous District in the interest of securing welfare, democracy, and just peace. One HPC (D) leaders said: “Sinlung Hills is part of Aizawl district. However, our parts of Aizawl is black and muddy, theirs is white and shining.

Its a difference of day and night.” As the flux is caught in the web, the bigger question is who will draw what for Mizoram to celebrate the “peace bonus?”.


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