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12 September 2012

Pillar at Mizoram-Assam Disputed Border Demolished By ZNP

Aizawl, Sep 12 : Youth activists of Mizoram's opposition party Zoram Nationalist Party demolished a pillar inside the disputed area along the Assam-Mizoram border allegedly erected by Assam's forests department barely three days after it cropped up.

Led by K Liantlinga, the party's MLA from Aizawl South-I, some activists of ZNP youth wing demolished the pillar around 2:30 am, sources said.

" The ZNP will not allow the Assam government to erect a border pillar or have activities inside our territory. I hope that the people of Mizoram support our move," Liantlinga told reporters. Liantlinga said the present imbroglio is a result of negligence of the governments of Mizoram about the border dispute.

About 30 youth activists of the ruling Congress party, led by Pradesh Youth Congress president C Lalawmpuii, also rushed to the site from Aizawl last night, but found the pillar demolished before they reached the spot.

The Congress youth activists, however, conducted a short meeting at the site where their president delivered a short speech. She said Mizoram government is not willing to lose an inch of land to any other state.


Unknown said...

Assimilation has also been forcing the Mizos dangerously as it's been to the Garos, Bodos, Nagas, Khasis, Meiteis, Reangs and many tribes in Arunachal and Sikkim. Assimilation also brings brutal invasion that causes loss of lands. Mizoram, now, starts experiencing redhead assimilation from the Bengalis, the assimilator of the Noth East people. This boundary extension is going upto Kolasib Town and further more, even the whole indegineous land and the people.

Why and How can happen this?
The answer is not other than one quote. It's not ILP, it's not over population, it's not variable economy. Then what's it?
It is the true quote which a famous British Sociologist, FW Tozer says, "GENERATION FOLLOWS MATERNAL LINE". Thus, the Mizos will be assimilated within a few generation unless the ongoing interracial marriages between Bengali (whom they call 'VAIpa') and Mizo girls. According to the survey report of Socio-Eco Census 2012, there have been 10 Bengali families in each 100 Mizo families. The 10 Bengali families are not pure Bengalis but formed by Mizo girls! The survey also reveals that out of every 100 Mizo girls, 30 of them wish to marry the 'Vais'. It's been on rise day by day, month by month, year by year, decade by decade and may be fulfilled within a century! At present, 20-30% of Mizo youths becomes ebony. The effect is that many Mizo boys do not get married and become irreproductive resulting in decrease of population growth while the non-Mizo offsprings are rising. It is estimated that out of every 100 Mizo boys, atleast 30 of them do not get married! Orphans uprising! So, it's only interracial marriage that causes racial but also land assimilation.

How to Prevent?
Saying 'Prevention is better than cure' has gone inapplicable to this concern but cure should become the remedy. The Mizoram Legislation is responsible. Laws should be passed against interracial marriages and enforced henceforth. The lucky ILP system should be applied to its aims. By all means, the Mizo customary laws should be followed.
But all things are created, planned and happened by God.

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