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10 September 2012

Mizoram Failed To Prepare Final Accounts Over 15 Yrs?

CAG Likely To Engage Graduates From Kolkata As Consultants in Mizoram

By Tapan Chakravorti

Kolkata, Spe 10 : The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), Vinod Rai has expressed concern over failure of the state public sector undertakings (PsUs) in preparation of final accounts over 14-15 years. In the annual general meeting of the Institute of Public Auditors of India (IPAI), he pleaded for inclusion of commerce, economics graduates from Kolkata with basics knowledge of account-keeping etc., and used them as consultants in helping those companies in the preparation of their accounts in Mizoram. The CAG particularly mentioned the Special Category States in North East where very few experienced accounts officers/ audit officers were available in these places in service. Not many, when we recruit them, were willing to go there as conditions there may or may be not so good, CAG added.

CAG has sought the help of the Chapters of the IPAI to locate retired persons, whether members of the IPAI or not, whom the CAG offices can engage them as consultants for some period at fairly attractive terms in Shillong and Itanagar.

CAG pointed out that some state governments in the North East Stateswere in the midst of a peculiar situation – companies there have not prepared their accounts for the last fifteen years when they were getting Rs 30-40 crore from government annually as loans or grants for various projects These companies have not closed their accounts because they have no experienced people to do it.

CAG mentioned that that Indian Audit & Accounts Department (IA & AD) had been requested by the Ministry of Rural Development to audit the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in 12 states. This was another area where the audit department would require the support of the IPAI by making available its manpower resources and professional expertise. He appreciated the work of devising the

Accounting Format, developed by the IPAI for National Literacy Mission (Saakshar Bharat).

CAG said as Five Year Plans progress, more and more money will be devolved in the planning exercise through Panchayati Raj Institutions and it have to be geared to be able to receive more money and handle such money and become accountable to the public committees.

He said persons who was handling Rs 25-30 lakh till now will be getting Rs 3-5 crore per annum to handle. He may not have the capability to handle such large amounts.

Hence we need to get diploma program for the functionaries of the Gram Panchayat Samities.

According to President of the Central Council of the IPAI, Vijay Kumar, who had been former Deputy Comptroller an Auditor General-cum-Chairman, Audit Board, the biggest asset of IPAI is the large pool of experienced professionals as its members who could be sourced for advice and consulting on all matters falling within the wide spectrum of public sector financial, accounting and auditing functions and activities.Kumar said IPAI was set up in 1996 and it is a body of specialists in public finance with focus on public accounting and auditing.

The institute has over 1,500 members on its roll – serving and former officers of the foremost financial services of the Central government, largely from the Audit & Accounts Service (IA & AS) and other CentralAccounts Services as also several senior accounts and audit officers The Institute is a registered society under the patronage of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India (CAG).


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