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13 September 2012

Kuki Inpi Manipur To Observe ‘Kuki Black Day’

Imphal, Sep 13 : Defying the joint appeal made by three Kuki based armed groups against observing “Kuki Black Day”, Kuki Inpi Manipur, the apex body of Kukis has decided to celebrate the occasion on Thursday.

Kukis in Manipur has been observing September 13 every year to remember thousand of Kukis, who were victims of the nearly half decade long Naga-Kuki clash in the hill districts of Manipur.

Every year, September 13 has been observed as the Black Day, as on this day 108 Kukis were killed in 1993. However, this year, three Kuki based armed groups, United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF, Zou Defense Volunteers (ZDV) and Kuki Revolutionary Front (United) have appealed to all concerns to discontinue the observation of the day, asserting that it was not going to do any good.

Despite the appeal, Kuki Inpi Manipur Wednesday, has announced its stand to observe the day (Kuki Black Day) until the case of killing several Kuki civilians in the nineties was settled amicably and appealed to all concerned to go ahead with their planned observation functions.

Meanwhile, the three armed groups, UKLF, ZDV and KRA(U), in a joint statement dispatched to the media today asserted that they had taken the decision not to observe the day considering “the pros and cons and for better understanding in the society for better and healthier society in future and not simply saying for the sake of saying.”

“This is not the time to ponder the past and recalling those grievous days which is casting shame on our face, but this is the time to think for greater and higher objectives for a healthy and wealthy society,” the joint statement signed by general secretary David Haokip of UKLF, president Kamkhenpau of ZDV and commander-in-chief Robinson Thodou of KRA(U) asserted.


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