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13 August 2012

Who Are The Tetseo Sisters?

“We sing our ‘Li’ in the Chokri dialect of the Chakhesang Naga tribe of Nagaland and our songs are often accompanied by the age-old Naga one-stringed instrument, the Tati/Heka Libuh,” the four beautiful women with magical voices describe themselves thus. “We are trying to keep the tribal Naga tradition of folk singing alive and in our songs, we tell the stories of our people, their joys and sorrows, hopes and aspirations,” informs the description on their Facebook page that has over 5,000 fans already.

The Tetseo Sisters have been singing folk music from their childhood and have performed in various parts of the country and abroad. “They are currently based in New Delhi and Kohima but are available for performances wherever there is appreciation for good music and cultural exchange. Their musical portfolio also includes western music performances and regular appearances at many music events and festivals including the annual Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, Live Drive, State Roadshows and the Handshake Concerts of 2009 and 2010,” it informs.

The band's interests lie in “Folk, Fusion music, World Music, Nature, Traveling and Photography, Tati, Bamboo art and instruments, Classical music, food, fashion, tribal art, jewellery and handicrafts.” The artists they like include Deep Forest, Wes, The Corrs, Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks.
Of their influences they say, “Our parents, our Naga folklore, Naga culture, the landscapes of Nagaland, Chakhesangness, World Music, poetry of our forefathers and the grace of the Almighty who has blessed us abundantly.”

Why 5000 Saudi Arabians follow an American?
It is a comedy of errors with a modern twist. Chris Rowland, an American who goes by the nickname St Chris, created a twitter handle @STC and has since found thousands of followers from across thousands of miles in Saudi Arabia. Twitter users of the middle eastern country have mistaken him to be a television network of the same name. “Reminder for my Saudi followers: I am not the telecom company. I'm a guy in New Jersey,” he tweeted.

When a dime cost a million

A one dime coin from the year 1873 went on auction recently in Philadelphia and was sold for a whopping $1.6 million to an anonymous bidder. After the 15% buyer’s fee, the final price of the coin came up to $1.8 million. This rare coin, it is reported, was minted in Carson City, USA, on a “one-day run of dimes: The mint was shut down in 1893.

Where did it snow unusually?
Call it global warming or a rare instance of nature’s bounty, but South Africans rejoiced as there was snowfall recently! And when a young couple called a radio station to express their light-hearted story of wanting to marry when Jo’burg was covered in snow, the station immediately arranged and planned the entire wedding in three hours! The snowfall came after five years to South Africa.

What is the cure for toebisity?

In a long list of things that people are unhappy about as far as their bodies are concerned, feet are the latest addition. Those who think that their feet, or toes are too fat are going under the knife to reduce its size. Toe tucking and toe slimming are also in the offing!

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