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17 August 2012

Prominent Northeast Citizens in Bangalore Ask People Not To Leave

By Arun Dev

Bangalore, Aug 17
: A few hours after people from the northeast started leaving the city, some worried students gathered at the home of former director general of police HT Sangliana. "I was born and raised in Bangalore. This is my home, but I'm living in fear now," said one of them who doesn't want to leave the city.

After the discussion, the supercop of yesteryear said: "I don't think anyone should run away in fear. Bangalore has never had a history of extreme communalism. What has happened is unfortunate and what people should do is to stay home safe till the situation is defused." "But a spark neglected burns a house," he added. "Police were not proactive. Community leaders should have been taken into confidence and more policemen should have been on the streets. Most importantly, calls to police control room should not go to an answering machine."

Playwright Swar Thounaojam says Bangalore has been her home and she doesn't plan to leave. "If there is any place I want to work or live, it's Bangalore. But Bangalore is no longer the place it was years ago. The situation here has become abrasive," she said.

Life in Delhi is tougher for people from the northeast but people there have found a way to negotiate with the city. "We need a dialogue between communities here. Firstly, among various northeastern communities in the city, then with the other communities. This will be beginning of our negotiation with the city," she said.

Fashion designer Robert Naorem has been here for over 10 years. He says in spite of the pressure from his parents back home, he will stay here.

"Things have changed, we are a little concerned but Bangalore is one of the most friendliest cities I've been to. I'm sure these problems will settle down. Till then I'll be cautious but I don't intend to go back," he said.


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