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03 August 2012

Over 50,000 Strong Northeasterners Gradually Acclimatising To Life in Bustling Delhi

By Themthingchon Y.R.

New Delhi, Aug 3
: Every year, thousands of people from the northeast come here in search of better opportunities. The city has over 50,000 people from the northeast, who are now well integrated in the city's social fabric.

Lumei Kangmai, 25, is one such woman who came to Delhi from Nagaland in 2004 in search of a better life.

She opened a garment shop in Munirka in South Delhi where she lived. Her business is lourishing today and she has a large number of customers from different communities.

She has overcome many problems, including language, over the years. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur like many others from the northeast, who are well settled in different cities across the country.

"When I came to Delhi for the first time, I faced problems, as I couldn't speak Hindi. Earlier, I felt insecure about staying here, but now, I enjoy my life here. I have made friends with so many local people," Kangmai said.

People from northeast come here to pursue higher studies, and work in various sectors like BPO, media, telecom, and in other businesses.

A human resource consultant from Manipur, Pinky, said that the city offers them good opportunities to grow.

"There are lots of opportunities for the northeast people in Delhi for higher jobs and studies," Pinky said.

They also provide an example of national integration. Many from the northeast get married to people from other parts of the country.

M. K. Sharma, President, Assam Association of Delhi, said, "We are all from one country. When an Assamese marries Bengali, it is also a matter of national integration. This is how bondages are strengthened and it helps a lot I believe."

Be it Delhi or Mumbai, people from the northeast excel in various walks of life and celebrate their cultural and food festivals with great enthusiasm - be it Assam's Bihu or Manipuri Raas. 


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