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01 August 2012

HPC-D Elects New Leader: Promises to Pursue Its Goals in Mizoram

Aizawl, Aug 1 : The HPC-D released a press statement condemning the lies spread by the Mizoram Government and the arrests of its leaders which were against the law as HPC-D has Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the Goverment of India.

Below is the press release


The Government of Mizoram arrested the HPC(D) Chairman, H.Zosangbera from Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport on July 17, 2012 and is now in its custody. The HPC(D) Chairman was on his way to meet officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India to intimate about the urgent need for political solution of the Hmars in Mizoram. 

On June 10, 2012, the HPC(D) Army Chief, Lalropui and the Deputy Chief of Army, Lalbieknung were also arrested by the Mizoram Armed Police (MAP) from Silchar Airport (Assam) when they were on their way to visit the HPC(D) Designated Camp and attend a peace meeting with the leaders of the All Parties Leaders (Mizoram). The Chief Minister of Mizoram was aware about the peace meet and has given a nod to the All Party Leaders (Mizoram). The Government of Mizoram, once again, broke the trust and confidence that has been slowly building up after the first term of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) between the HPC(D) and the Government of Mizoram (November 11, 2010 – May 11, 2011). The Mizoram Armed Police (MAP) and the Government of Mizoram blatantly trespass with the arrest as the HPC(D) has Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the Government of Assam.

The HPC(D) strongly condemns the coward act of the Government of Mizoram as it stands against the just and peaceful approaches adopted by the HPC(D) to secure the Constitutional rights of the Hmars in Mizoram. The HPC(D) is convinced that the Government of Mizoram is in no way interested in securing peace and democracy in Mizoram. The HPC(D) shall not be a silent spectator to the necessary belligerency adopted by the Government of Mizoram; the recently conducted “Flag March” in Sinlung Hills was un-democratic and exaggerated; the attempt to “segregate” the Hmar peoples by the Home Department, Government of Mizoram, with its order (No. D. 32020/24/2010-HMS) is a shame. It will forever stand as the biggest insult to Mizoram's peace and democracy. The Government of Mizoram must immediately end its “segregationist” policies that are directed against the Hmar people. The decades of suppression and discrimination by the Government of Mizoram in collusion with Mizoram based NGO has resulted in giving no place and space for Hmar language, culture, identity and tradition; our people are deprived and marginalized from getting our due and fair share in governance, welfare, development, education, entitlement and justice. The rights of the suppressed Hmar people shall not be allowed to be thwarted and deterred by the exercise of such uncalled for belligerency. Enough is enough!

If the Home Minister of Mizoram, Lalzirliana and his cahoots thinks that the rightful demand of the Hmar people of Mizoram and a peoples’ movement launched under Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) could be suppressed with the arrest of our selfless leaders, they shall be proven wrong. The Government of Mizoram shall be responsible for the fall-out. As a matter of fact, our movement will be taken to a higher level and we are more determined towards prioritizing our goal ever than before. There are hundreds of Hmar youths and leaders who are ready to respond to the call of securing our rights and the long-time aspirations of the Hmar people that are also represented by our arrested leaders. Let the Mizoram state police trace and track us anywhere and everywhere if it thinks that would wrest our movement and aspirations which will be again proven wrong.

The Government of Mizoram has been blindly accusing the HPC(D) of planning several attacks on the people and state of Mizoram. We are also accused of disintegrating the Mizos of Mizoram and elsewhere. We would like to remind one and all by asserting that the Hmars’ movement in Mizoram and its adjoining areas is not against any individual people or community but only for securing a just socio-economic and political development of the Hmars in Sinlung Hills areas of Mizoram which has not only Hmars living in it. Moreover, our struggle is for improving democracy and for the decentralization of the same, which has eluded the Hmar people for many decades. The just development of Hmar people of Mizoram will in no way disintegrate the Mizos; instead it will strengthen and integrate the Mizos. Our time has come to secure our fair and equal share in welfare, democracy and development; no one can stop us from securing our rights.

In the larger interest of securing the goals of the peoples’ movement, the HPC(D), in its recently concluded Emergency Executive Council appointed Shri L.T. Hmar to be the Chairman in-charge of the HPC(D). 

We appeal to all right thinking citizens to take note of the treacherous policy of the Government of Mizoram towards the Hmar people. The Hmar people or the HPC(D) shall not be responsible for any outcome bred by the decades of treacherous, segregationist and suppressive and oppressive actions of the Government of Mizoram. We remain committed to our rightful struggle and aspirations; we shall continue the good fight under all circumstances until we achieve our goals. In order to realize the great future, we shall sacrifice everything that is required of us.

Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic)

Date: 01.08.2012

Government of Hmarram
General Headquaters, Sinlung.


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