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28 August 2012

Fury At 'No Indians, Asians' Job Ad

'No Indians, Asians' job advertisement causes outrage

By Hannah Martin
Racist job advert
The job ad which appeared on Gumtree asking for cleaners. It ahs since been removed.
A COLES contractor has been slammed for a racist job advert, banning Indian or Asian applicants.
The online advert was posted on Sunday, seeking cleaners for a supermarket at Eastlands Shopping Centre in Hobart, The Mercury reports.

The ad in part read: "Store requires no indians or asians please. Must speak english (sic)".

The advert, on the Gumtree website, generated outrage on social media sites, with calls for people to boycott the store and lodge complaints.

"Which supermarket is this so I can boycott them?" one Facebook user said.

"What planet are they on?", asked another.

The job ad was later removed from the site.

A Coles spokesman yesterday admitted the advert had been posted by a contract company responsible for cleaning its Rosny store.

"The ad was placed without Coles' knowledge and we were extremely concerned to learn of the ad and its contents," spokesman Jim Cooper said.

Tasmania's Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Robin Banks said she wanted to track down the cleaning contractor to pursue possible legal action.


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