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06 August 2012

Carry Pepper Spray, Delhi University Tells Northeast Girls

New Delhi, Aug 6 : The Delhi University administration has asked women students from the North-East to carry pepper sprays for their safety.

DU has also increased security measures on the campus.

During counselling sessions and informal discussions with students, DU officials have asked them to carry pepper sprays as they may come in handy.

DU proctor Usha Rao said the campus is a “no tolerance zone” and any kind of harassment will be dealt with harshly.

The DU administration is paying attention to security of students from the North-East due to language barrier. Police will also deploy women police officers from states such as Nagaland and Mizoram so that students can talk to them without hesitation, said Rao.

“Women in foreign countries carry pepper spray with them. The DU campus and women’s hostel is safe, but problem starts once they are outside these areas. Most students are new to the city and the moment they come out of the safe area, they have to face racist and lewd comments,” Rao said. “It is terrible.”

 “Men can get really offensive. A man once showed me his private part when I was travelling in the Metro at night. In these two years, the stares and lewd comments have become normal for many girls from the North-East,” said Kim, a third-year student at Miranda House.

“The problem is that newcomers don’t even speak out, may be due to language barrier. It is a helpless feeling,” she added.

Several students have taken the advice and are keeping pepper spray.According to Rao, police vans have been stationed near the campus where a majority of the students stay. “Vijay Nagar, Mukherjee Nagar and areas beyond Hansraj College, which has a sizeable number of students due to good accommodation options, have police vans stationed at strategic points,” said Rao.

DU officials have not received any complaint from women students over harassment on the campus this year.

“The ‘no ragging campaign’ has been strictly followed by colleges and it is helping in creating awareness about behaving well with women,” an official said.


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