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13 July 2012

The Politics of Outside Business In Mizoram

By Sinlung

Time and again we see Mizo NGO's making news 'No Foreign Business', 'Ram le Hnam Humhalh', stopping outsiders from opening up business.

I'm write not to question the motive. I want to understand what Mizo NGO's think business is?

From my understanding of the whole situation - all the Mizo NGO's want to stop is the distribution, such as small enterprises (read shops) and they have done it, Mizo NGO's have regulated permit for shops. But is this business the business they are tying to stop - The distribution.

Or Are the Mizo NGO's after manufacturers such as Maruti Suzuki, Sony, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, Nokia.

What is their motive?

Matter-of-Factually speaking, Mizoram does not have any known enterprise, although there are some industries - there are but Small & Medium Business as compared to businesses in the same area. So if you don't have any manufacturing industries...The Best you can do is import.

Yes, Mizo NGO's can't stop import because these goods are essential to Mizo's and Mizoram. Without proper LPG supply, Mizoram goes up in arms against the government. 

It looks as though the whole issue is- from a newsperson point of view...'You are shooting the messenger, instead of the shooting the news-maker.' Isn't this stupid?

I don't condone to Mainland Indians opening shops in Mizoram, but does it really matter: as the money goes out of Mizoram anyway, whether from a Mizo or Non-Mizo traders.

Shouldn't the focus be on: The flow of money out of Mizoram?

Another twist in the tale is that, Mizo NGO's never talk of Mizo from outside Mizoram remitting money back to Mizoram.  What if all states of India and countries around the world did not allow to remit money to Mizoram?

What if all states of India have the same motive and bent of mind as Mizo NGO's? Would Mizo's working in mainland India be happy?

Think about it? Lets not make policies that feel like the 'frog in the well 'story.


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