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04 July 2012

Mizoram To Get Power Tariff Hiked

Aizawl, Jul 4 : An average of 10.16 percent power tariff hike for domestic consumers in Mizoram is likely to come into effect from August one, despite strong protest from consumers' union and local NGOs.

The power & electricity has proposed to charge Rs 10.50 per kilowatt for domestic consumers using one to 50 kilowatt, Rs 25 per kilowatt for 100 to 200 kilowatts and Rs 80 per kilowatt for those consuming 201 kilowatts.

During a public hearing conducted by the joint electricity regulatory commission (JERC) for Manipur and Mizoram here today, the department officials stated that hike in power tariff is inevitable to mitigate the huge revenue loss.

Mizoram Upa Pawl (senior citizens association), other NGOs, who attended the public hearing voiced strong opposition to the proposal, saying that it is untimely. The Mizoram Consumers' Union insisted that the state power & electricity department be first privatised as demanded by the Central Electricity Act 2003 and make proper assessment on profit and loss before revising power tariff.

There are a number of issues like illegal connections bypassing metre box, excess workforce that need to be first settled before hiking power tariff, a representative of MCU said.

In response to this, JERC for Manipur and chairperson H Bihari Singh explained that the hike in power tariff was inevitable showing the price rise and the high cost at which the state purchases power from outside.

After considering merits and demerits of the proposal, the JERC will prepare new power tariff within 15 days.


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