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05 July 2012

Declare Assam Flood Problem National Calamity

New Delhi: Expressing concern over the flood situation in Assam and the North-East, the BJP on Wednesday said the relief package of Rs 500 crore announced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was meagre and demanded that the government declare the problem as a 'national calamity'.

"Of the 27 districts in Assam, 23 are affected by floods. 20 Lakh people have been displaced, crops destroyed, fields filled with sand (making them infertile), several cattle have died or been lost.... The relief package of Rs 500 crore announced by the Prime Minister is too less," BJP general secretary Vijay Goel told reporters.
Goel was a part of the team sent by BJP president Nitin Gadkari to Assam to study the flood situation there. General Secretary Kiran Maheshwari and Meerut MP Rajendra Agarwal were the other members of the team.
Declare Assam flood problem national calamity: BJP
Goel maintained that the extent of damage in Assam was such that an amount of Rs 2000-4000 Crore will be required to deal with the destruction caused by the floods.
He said the amount of Rs 10,000 for those whose houses have been completely damaged and Rs 5,000 for those partially damaged is inadequate. This should be increased to Rs 50,000 and Rs 25,000, respectively, he said.
"The floods should be declared a national calamity", Maheshwari demanded through a statement.
Goel said two rhinocerous and several deer had died in the Upper Assam region due to the floods.
The party also charged that though floods are a regular feature in Assam but no efforts have been made to find permanent solutions like building and strengthening dams and studying the behaviour pattern of the Brahmaputra river.


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