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07 June 2012

No Construction On Tipaimukh Dam Site

Bangladesh team Visits Tipaimukh Dam

Silchar, Jun 7 :
India is yet to make any construction at the proposed controversial Tipaimukh multipurpose dam site on the Barak River in Manipur.

The Indian government took a group of 10 Bangladeshi journalists to the site by an Indian Air Force helicopter on Wednesday but the chopper did not land on the ground for 'technical reasons' even though the weather was good.

In July 2009, a Bangladeshi parliamentary delegation on a fact-finding mission met similar fate as they could not also land.

The newsmen had an opportunity to look at the congruence point of Barak and Tuibhai Rivers and Tipaimukh dam site 1200 feet above the ground for over 20 minutes when the helicopter gave about 70 minutes' ride from Shilchar airport to the site.

A village, Lungthulian, was seen at the top of the adjoining hill of the meeting point of the rivers.

The dam is planned 500 metres downstream from the congruence point, 210 kilometres from Sylhet border.

The Bangladeshi delegation reached India on Sunday and met Indian Water Resources Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal and Secretary of the ministry Dhruv Bijai Singh on Monday.


The delegation faced a hiccup when Indian Air Force officials told the team at 11:00am that no camera would be allowed during the visit.

The reporters instantly protested and informed the Indian authorities that they would not visit the place without camera.

After wrangling for over 2 hours, the newsmen were allowed to board the helicopter at 1:30pm Indian time with camera.

Tipaimukh dam

The Indian government plans to dam the Barak River to moderate floods during monsoon period and generate 1,500 megawatt of electricity.

The dam would submerge 302 square kilometres of area in Manipur and Mizorum and create a reservoir, which can hold 1,590 million cubic metre of water.

There is a strong protest from the local people and Bangladeshi side fearing it would have negative impact on environment.

River Barak enters into Bangladesh as the Surma and Kushiara rivers. The two rivers are lifeline for hundreds of water bodies in the greater Sylhet region.


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