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31 May 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III To Hit Indian Stores

p1.jpg New Delhi, May 30 : Samsung launched its top-of-the-line smartphone Galaxy S III in Europe on Tuesday, hoping to do even better than its previous model and take the game further away from Apple.

Due to be launched in India on Wednesday, the Galaxy S III has garnered upwards of 9 million pre-orders worldwide (the iPhone 4S managed about 4 million), and this kind of pre-launch buzz was never seen from a non-Apple device.

What's even more interesting is that the Korean company is ready to take on Apple at its own game, including the hype that surrounds a launch.

Having become the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer (by unit sales) in April this year, Samsung is now ready to have another go at Apple, which is still by far the more profitable.

Samsung plans to use Galaxy S III to win over customers from the iPhone camp. The S III whips the iPhone 4S on specs and may even have a leg-up on the yet to be launched iPhone 5.

According to the Daily Mail, Trusted Reviews concluded "the S3 is light years ahead of Apple's profitable darling".

But Apple loyalists are quick to point out that it's never been about the hardware specifications, but more about the experience and intuitiveness of the platform. While that may be true, it seems that Samsung is sparing no effort to improve its overall user experience as well.

The Galaxy III provides a natural, ergonomic shape, a dazzling 4.8-inch super AMOLED screen and a great camera.

It also brings some firsts into the smartphone arena: a screen that stays on as long as you keep looking at it, wireless charging, HD video playback in a small screen while you do other tasks and automatic calling of a contact when you hold it to your ear.

The reviews and first impressions that are pouring in so far are quite ecstatic. CNET calls the Galaxy S III "the Ferrari of android phones", one that's "pretty much unrivalled in the speed and power stakes right now".

Matt Warman, The Telegraph's (UK) consumer technology editor, praised the S III by calling it the first phone where he almost forgot that he was actually using a phone and not a full-fledged computer.

Prominent gadget blog Engadget says that "the power and storage-hungry Android user simply cannot go wrong with this purchase". Slashgear calls the S III "one of the best performing, most usable Android devices around, if not the best".

On Wednesday, we'll have more details on the device, including the final price (expected to be in the range of 36,000-38,000) and store availability.


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