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17 May 2012

Nargesh Keisham: A Manipuri Entrepreneur

Imphal, May 17 : Young entrepreneurs in the state are coming up with innovative business models that not only generate employment and revenue, but serve a larger social purpose, like prevention of global warming.

Nargesh Keisham is one such young man. Founder and Chairman of Sui Generis Inc that produces caffeine free Cymbopogon Cytratus tea, he started his venture in 2006 by planting several lemon grass saplings in half an acre of land.

The caffeine free tea is fast gaining popularity in the local market due to its medicinal properties.

Today he employs 50 people and produces 3000 tea packets monthly.

Keisham is optimistic about the growth of his company and has plans to expand his venture too.

' In another 7 to 8 months, we will be in a position to produce 1-lakh packets in a month. Then there will be around 200 or more employees. In the coming 5 years we are going to produce 10 lakh products per month and we will be generating around 5000 employment opportunities,'he said.

Sui Generis Inc. owns large tracts of land and grows Lemon Grass, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Jatropha.

It is also venturing into extraction of oil from Lemongrass that has medicinal usage and is used in perfumes and cosmetics.

In about five years, Nargesh has made it big and is a source of inspiration for the youth.

' My vision in this company is that we can generate a lot of employment for the youth of Manipur so that it will also change the economic scenario of the region,' said T. H. Ranjan, COO of the company.

The workers are happy at Sui Generis and are able to look after their families with the money that they earn.

' I have learnt many things about these products. I am earning well and have enough for my household and enough for my personal expenditure,' said Indu Devi, a worker at the company.

Nargesh was also behind the 'Plant a Million Tree Campaign' in Manipur.

He is now trying to market his products across the country.


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