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15 May 2012

M C Lalrinthanga Stands By Lalthanhawla-BNLF Document

Aizawl, May 15 : Mizo National Front activist M C Lalrinthanga has stood by the document that he says show that Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla had signed a 'top secret agreement' with Bru National Liberation Front in 2003.

Addressing a press conference here today, a few days after the Congress party filed a defamation case against him, Lalrinthanga said, ' As Solomon Praphul Ushay (the alleged signatory) and C Lalruata (Congress spokesperson) filed an FIR, police will easily find out that the document is authentic. '

The 'top secret agreement', photocopy of which was disseminated to the press by Lalrinthanga, was allegedly signed by then BNLF general secretary Solomon Praful and Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee president Lal Thanhawla on August 12, 2003, on the eve of the state Assembly elections.

Solomon Praphul Ushay, former general secretary of the surrendered BNLF, had strongly denied signing the document and also maintained that he had never used the name Solomon Praful during his underground days.

Lalrinthanga told media persons today that he did not know whether Solomon Praphul Ushay was the same person who had signed document. But he knew for sure that the 'top secret agreement' was signed between the then underground outfit and MPCC.

He even blamed the agreement for the derailment of the ongoing Bru repatriation process by the Bru refugees who are raising fresh demands like a homeland in Mizoram.

Among many other things, the Congress party promised to create Bru Development Council, if the party was elected to power in the 2003 elections, in return of the Bru votes. Accusing Lal Thanhawla of 'telling the most number of lies, frequently mentioning God's name but not fearing God,' Lalrinthanga reiterated that the 'top secret agreement' signed by Lal Thanhawla and Solomon Praful was not a fabricated document.

Rochunga Ralte, an MNF worker who assisted Lalrinthanga at the press conference, informed that Lalrinthanga keeps one of the largest collection of important documents relating to politics in Mizoram.

' The top secret agreement was one of the large volume of documents collected for many years, ' he said.


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