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24 May 2012

Hmar Militants Flays Mizoram Govt Over Memo, May 24 : The Hmar People's Convention (HPC) General Headquarters, Sakawrdai Mizoram today alleged that the Mizoram government has been reluctant in implementing the Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) signed in 1994.

The Hmar outfit then accused that the intervention of  Young Mizo Association (YMA) recently in the HPC's demand for Autonomous District Council under the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution, has been acting as disintegration force of the Mizos rather than unifying the community.

The HPC said that when Mizoram was given the status of Union Territory under Government of Union Territories (Amendment) Act, 1971 and North Eastern areas (Re-organisation) Act 1971, it had been deleted from  Sixth Schedule Para 20, Part III since 29 April  1972. "It no longer was Tribal Area, which will be regretted in future, and the then Mizo leaders are responsible for this. 

The districts of Lai, Mara and Chakma are the only districts under the Sixth Schedule. All these districts are within Mizoram, and are still administered by the ministers and government officials, and they never separated themselves from Mizoram, nor can’t they do so.

Likewise, the Hmar people have simply demanded the creation of Autonomous District Council, which will but safeguard the Mizos", the HPC stated.

The Hmar outfit then quoted the MoS  between the HPC and the Mizoram Government signed in 1994 which says, “The Government of Mizoram has appreciated the concern and pressing demand of the HPC delegation particularly regarding the political safeguard as available under the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India.

Accordingly, the government of Mizoram will take immediate measures for inclusion of an area to be specified with the HPC Demand Area of Mizoram and the other non-schedule areas of Mizoram in the schedule (Tribal) Area of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India so that the above-mentioned areas are safeguarded under the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India.”

"After such long period from 1994, the Mizoram government is not fulfilling its promise, just because it doesn’t take steps to fulfill", the HPC stated, adding that in comparison that, the Indian Government was very faithful as it fulfilled the MoS which it signed with the Mizo National Front (MNF) in 1986.

The HPC then accused the  Young Mizo Association (YMA) of disintegrating the Mizos rather than uniting the the community. "The YMA is apprehensive that the creation of Autonomous District Council is threatening the Mizo integration," the Hmar outfit added.


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