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08 May 2012

Congress Retains Power in Mizoram Mara Council

Aizawl, May 8 : The ruling Congress has retained power in the elections to the 25-seat Mara autonomous district council by securing 15 seats, while its CEM candidate S Khipo suffered a humble defeat.

Khipo, the sitting CEM, lost his traditional constituency Tuisih to a newcomer Tiahlei Syuhlo, who garnered 506 votes against Khipo's 342 votes. With L C Apaw, who won Siata seat, only two of the 15 independent candidates got elected.

The Mizo National Front, the main opposition in Mizoram, won two seats, its ally the Maraland Democratic Front (MDF), a party limited to the district council, won five seats.

Saiha district MNF president and sitting MDC (member of district council) H C Lalmalsawma Zasai also lost his traditional seat Rawmibawk to Congress candidate R T Zachono, a sitting EM (executive member) by a margin of just 14 votes.

Among the elected candidates is former Lok Sabha member from Mizoram, Hiphei, who got elected on Congress ticket from Tuipang-II.

There are five new faces among the elected candidates. Congress party and MNF-MDF were the two major forces in the elections with both camps contesting in all the 25 candidates.

Zoram Nationalist Party which has two MLAs in the state's assembly contested in three constituencies and won none.

The 10th Mara autonomous district council elections on May 3 recorded a high poll turnout with 86.48 per cent of the total 32,898 electors casting their votes in EVMs for the first time.

Mara autonomous district council is one of the three autonomous district councils in Mizoram. It is an autonomous administrative government meant for the Mara people.


Beita Hlychho said...

Some info provided in between the news are factually wrong:

1. Mr. Hiphei is not former Lok Sabha member but a former Rajya Sabha member from Mizoram.

2. MNF Saiha district president HC Lalmalsawma Zasai lost to RT Zachono, who is not a sitting executive member (EM). He was defeated by the Mr Zasai in the last election. How can he be the sitting Executive Member? He is the current Saiha district pradesh congress committee President.

3. Mara ADC was not part of Lai district. It was part of Pawi-Lakher Regional Council as Lais were known earlier as Pawi and Mara as Lakher.

Why the reporter Mr. Zodin Sanga insert all these wrong info in between the news? If he is not so sure, he should have made a call to someone in Saiha town and confirm with them. All these are known even by school kids. Let him learn and not repeat the same mistake.

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