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12 May 2012

Census For Mizoram Chins, May 12 : Aizawl-based Chin Society of Mizoram will conduct a census of all the Chins who migrated from Myanmar and are living in the eight districts of Mizoram, a press statement issued by the Chin Society of Mizoram said.

The statement said that the census would be conducted this month and the lists of names of Chins residing in Mizoram would be submitted to the Myanmarese government and the representative of the United Nations in New Delhi.

Though generals in plainclothes are still ruling the country, the Chins are optimistic that the new government would pursue reforms and gradually respect human rights, the statement said.

"We are optimistic that an opportunity would soon arise for those who want to return to Myanmar and the present government would open up to take them back," a leader of the Chin Society of Mizoram said.

There were many Chins who migrated to Mizoram, Delhi and Malaysia between 1962 and 2010 who were not registered or recognised as refugees by the respective governments.

"In order to ensure that they would be able to return to Myanmar when they want to, the census becomes extremely important," the Chin Society of Mizoram said.

According to rough estimates, there were around 70,000 to one lakh Chins staying in Mizoram due to fear of persecution by the military junta and also those who migrated to this tiny state for economic reasons.

Chins could easily mingle with the local Mizos as they speak the same language and belong to the same ethnicity.


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