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29 May 2012

Assam MLA Marries Facebook Friend, Embraces Islam

Guwahati, May 29 : The controversial second marriage of Assam Congress MLA from Borkhola Dr Rumi Nath and her bold conversion to Islam before marrying her Facebook friend has sparked a communal tension in Guwahati.

The Borkhola MLA made headlines after her first husband Rakesh Kumar Singh lodged a police complaint alleging that Rumi was kidnapped from Silchar Medical College and Hospital where she had gone for a medical check-up recently.

However, it was later reported that Nath had willingly eloped with her Facebook friend Jackie Zakir and converted to Islam before marrying him.

Adding an interesting twist to the story, the MLA herself admitted before newsmen on Tuesday that she had entered into wedlock for the second time on April 13 this year with 27-year-old Zakir Hussain alias Jackie.

Zakir Hussain is a resident of Badarpur and works as a clerk in Mohakol Block in Karimganj district.

During the press briefing, she told reporters that she was married in accordance with the Islamic tradition and her new name after conversion to Islamism was Rebia Sultana.

"I want to clarify that I was not under any compulsion to convert to Islam and marry my friend Zakir. I am staying willingly with my husband Zakir. Our minister Siddique Ji arranged the two qazis, Qazi Usman Ali and Qazi Nazrul Islam for the marriage. I want to thank him for his help. I have not married under any compulsion,” she said.

When quizzed about her reported disappearance, she said that she has gone out of the state with her new husband for few days.

Unable to believe the rumours of her wife’s second marriage, Rakesh Kumar Singh alleged that his wife has been held hostage by a gang of criminals, who have pressurized her to admit before newsmen that she has converted to Islam and married for a second time.

Interestingly, the MLA has also earlier rubbished reports about her rumoured second marriage by saying that she was the victim of infighting in the Congress, and all the rumours were the handiwork of a section of her political rivals.

The controversial 32-year old MLA had disappeared on May 13 from the hospital and resurfaced after a few hours, claiming that she had converted to Islam in order to marry Zakir.

Meanwhile, Zakir's father Faizur Rahman, a former police officer, made it clear that his family would never accept Rumi as their daughter-in-law.

Rahman has also lodged an FIR in Badarpur Police Station about his son’s disappearance.

Rumi has a two-year old daughter, Ritambhara, from her first marriage with Rakesh Singh.

Rumi’s reported marriage with Zakir has cause widespread outrage among the Hindu community in Silchar.

Considering the sensitivity of the matter, CRPF troops have been deployed in and around Silchar to thwart any attempt at communal violence because of this conversion.

Gairik Bharat, a saffron outfit, burnt her the effigy to protest the conversion. Other Hindu organizations are also planning protests over this inner-community marriage.

If sources are to be believed, an influential Assam Minister Siddique Ahmad played a key role in Rumi Nath’s nikah with Zakir. The minister also arranged for two qazis to conduct the Islamic wedding.

Rumi met Zakir in the Facebook, and their friendship grew deeper through chatting, and finally they decided to get married.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is Rumi-Jacky, the couple in headlines now-a-days. Your views in decent words are invited.

Do you believe in Destiny ?

Destiny is what the Creator of the Universe has preordained for all His Creations including Human.
The developments in the life of Rumi Nath and all the Human are the preordained Destiny.

‘The first thing which Allah created was the Pen. He commanded it to write. It asked: ‘What should I write?’ He said:’ write the Decree (al-Qadr).’ So it wrote what had happened and what was going to happen up to eternity.

Fate or Destiny is nothing more than the documentation of the Absolute and Perfect Knowledge of The Lord All-Mighty which He Commanded to be written and preserved even before the creation of anything in the Heavens and the earth; thus the Destiny itself cannot be changed or altered in the least.

How many of our society who claim or think to be responsible guardian of the society, are aware of those thousands of children who are dying for want of food and deprived of the least provision required to survive.

No one is aware and even do not think it necessary to be aware of the sufferings of the deprived people. We are unfortunate that we have got sufficient time to criticise the acts of others, we are concerned about the child of Rumi, but we are totally ignorant of our own responsibilty towards our society.

We fail to differeciate between Crime and Liberty & Human Right.

Honestly, express your views:

Rumi,s marrage with Jacky is a matter of her personal life: Yes / No

Marrying a second husband leaving behind a small child sounds sad but Rumi’s is not the only case in human history. This is the preordained destiny.

Conversion to any other religion from one religion is one’s personal choice: Yes / No

Can a highly educated person like Rumi be tempted for conversion into Islam ? Yes / No

Do you have any control over your feelings & sentiments? Yes / No

The views of Rumi and Jacky, two matured and responsible citizens of the land, are the only means to solve the man made crisis involving Rumi and Jacky: Let the laws of the land handle the matter. Yes / No

Love is a Crime: Yes / No

Social responsibility has nothing to do with ones personal life: True / False

We should respect ones choice in life: True / False

Should you be ashamed that Rumi has left her past Faith and Converted to Islam? Yes /No

Do you support Rumi to live her Life as per her own choice: Yes / No

Should hatred or vias feeling debiate from delivering Justice: Yes / No

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