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25 April 2012

Someday, Men Won't Die First

Life expectancy gap could close by 2030

For generations, men have been the unquestioned leaders in the race to die first, but now it looks like they're losing their edge.

The life expectancy gap between men and women is closing, and by 2030, men could very well live as long as women, an advisor for Britain's Office of National Statistics tells the BBC.

His explanation: "Men are getting a bit better behaved and women are adopting male life expectancies."

While life expectancies are going up across the board, they're increasing much faster for men, who over the past 20 years have seen their expectancy jump by about six years.

The main reason he sees: smoking, or rather, the sudden lack thereof.

At one point, a whopping 80% of men smoked.

Women picked up the habit later than men, so while lung cancer rates are still increasing in women, they're falling for guys.

The BBC notes that the study relates to the life expectancy for 30-year-olds, not newborns.


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