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16 April 2012

Bangalore Mizos Issue Security Tips

Bangalore, Apr 16 : Bangalore Mizo Association today issued security tips to all those who are going to the India's silicon valley in search of higher studies or jobs.

The BMA's statement came in the wake of 21 Mizo girls found to be cheated at their work place in Bangalore.

"Information about the university, as where it is affiliated to, its address, what subjects it offers and whether or not it has hostel accommodations, etc, must be first obtained before getting admission.

If possible, the Bangalore Mizo Association should be consulted by logging into or over phone," the BMA statement said.

In view of the increasing human trafficking through job offers, the job seekers, as well the general public, should be cautious, it said. "A number of youths have fallen prey to human traffickers who offered lucrative jobs.

It is a must to confirm the authenticity of the jobs offered and the would-be-employers. With extra care, human trafficking through fake jobs can be prevented," the statement said.

The BMA also voiced a serious concern over the increasing live-in relation among students from Mizoram." Such live-in partners have also tarnished the image of Mizo community as a whole," the statement said.

The 21 girls, who were brought to Bangalore in January this year to work at a jeans tailor under Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd, have left their workplace a few weeks back as the jobs and salaries turned out to be different from what had been promised.


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