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13 February 2012

Militant Outfits in Peace Process Flouting Ceasefire Ground Rules

Guwahati, Feb 13 : Militants outfits in the state, which are in peace talks with the government, have been flouting ceasefire ground rules at will. Since 2002, when the United People's Democratic Solidarity went into ceasefire, Assam Police have arrested 620 cadres of various outfits in talks on charges of extortion, kidnapping and other crimes.

The outfits have also violated the ground rules by carrying weapons outside the designated camps. In the last 9 years, police have seized about 180 weapons. It is mandatory for all these outfits to deposit all their arms before starting dialogue.

The cadres of the outfits, who stay in designated camps, are allowed to keep some weapons with themselves for guarding their camps but are not permitted to exhibit them outside the camps.

"If anyone of them is seen outside the camps with arms, we immediately arrest them and seize the weapons," a source said.

"There are six outfits in peace talks with a combined cadre strength of 3354 staying in 24 designated camps. The two Dima Halam Daogah factions - Nunisa and Jewel groups - are the biggest violators," the source added.

From the two DHD factions, the police have arrested as many as 462 cadres and have seized 82 weapons. The Nunisa group declared truce in 2003 while the Jewel faction entered the peace process in 2009. This group is the key player in the huge financial scam in NC Hills Autonomous Council by siphoning off development funds to its coffers. Two cadres of the outfits have also been killed in encounters with security forces, while in the peace process.

The Ulfa's pro-talks faction, which has declared ceasefire in October last year, have also been flouting the rules and 26 of its members have been arrested so far along with 18 weapons. Similarly, 46 members of NDFB (Progressive), which entered the peace process in 2005, have been arrested on charges of kidnappings and extortion. From them 37 weapons have been seized so far.

The Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF), which declared ceasefire in 2010 has also flouted the rules for which police have arrested 22 of its cadres and seized 23 weapons. If these outfits are not enough, another nine outfits of the state - Kuki Revolutionary Army, United Kukigram Defence Army, Hmar people Convention (D), Kuki Liberation Army, Adivasi Cobra Military of Assam, Birsa Commando Force, Santhal Tiger Force, All Adivasi National Liberation Army and Adivasi peoples Army - have laid down arms in one of the biggest development on January 24. These outfits together have 1659 cadres, who will be put up in 18 new designated camps.


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