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17 May 2011

Lingerie Football League: A Sport For Beauties

If you thought Cheerleaders and spectator galleries are the only sources of galmour in sport, think again. Sport itself has scaled that extra mile. Lingerie football is the hot new sport in America. Read on to know more

Lingerie Bowl

Lingerie Bowl

A game of lingerie football is played by two teams comprising of seven scantily clad ladies


Compliments to the photographer!

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

The league is played by ten teams with names ranging from Los Angeles Temptation to Philadelphia Passion. Like the Super Bowl in the NFL, the two best teams play the Lingerie Bowl. All sides are coached by former NFL players and coaches.

Getting ready

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

The uniform if it can be called one, consists of a helmet, shoulder pads, underclothing, elbow pads, knee pads and helmets.


Taking a throw

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

Each game is divided into two halves, with each each half lasting 17 minutes. There is a 15-minute halftime separating the two halves. As the ladies can't kick that well, there are no field goals, and scoring takes place with a 1/2 point conversion following a touchdown.


She's the boss!

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

The league makes it a point to appoint female referees only. So if you are a guy interested in that particular job profile, don't take the trouble of applying.


Easy ladies

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

While it is clear that Lingerie football can't be considered seriously as a sport, it will not go out of business anytime soon, as it always manages to grab eyeballs.

Be careful

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

Given the nature of the sport, the tackles and consequent grabbing has led to a couple of wardrobe malfunctions.

That's Jenny McCarthy

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

The league has been criticized for being gaudy, as it is a product that caters to the sensuous instincts of men. Also, since the players are not paid for participating in the league, critics do point out that the concept is nothing but a gimmick televised at the expense of women.


The cheerleaders should be men right?

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

The league is expanding to Canada, and is in talks with companies that are looking at owning a franchise.


Congratulations! Go wear something now

Lingerie Football League: Underdressed!

The last edition of the Lingerie Bowl was won by Los Angeles Temptation who defeated Philadelphia Passion in the final.

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