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10 March 2011

Migration From Northeast India Increased 12 Times During 2005-10

By Munize Ali

People_migrationGuwahati, Mar 10 : Over 414,850 people from Northeast India migrated to mega cities of the country during 2005 and 2010. It is 12 times growth as only 34,000 people had migrated during 2000-05. This fact was revealed in a research study conducted by North East Support Centre & Helpline, a New Delhi-based support centre for migrants from Northeast India.

The research was carried out during January and February 2011 under the title, “North East Migration and Challenges in National Capital Cities.

According to the study, the annual average increase in migration from North East is 13.62%. With 200,000 Northeast migrants in New Delhi alone, that is 48.21% of the total Northeast migrants, the National Capital has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for migrants from this region.

The study also shows that only 5% of migrants return to North East India after completing their studies or work. It is a matter of concern as it results in brain drain from Northeastern region.

Reasons behind migration

The study provided some statistics about reasons behind the migration. The 66.35% of North East migrants migrate for higher studies, out of which, 78.15% for graduate studies, 11.48% for Engineering/managerial, 6.80% for Research/Ph.D. and 3.57% for medical studies while 35% of migrants migrate for employment opportunities in other cities of India with 15% for Government jobs and 85% for un-organized private sectors. Over, 275,000 students from North East India have migrated to other cities of India.

The main push factor for migration of North East people is lack of educational infrastructure and limited choice of education, followed by unemployment opportunities in the region which are badly affected by socio-political unrest and communal conflicts.

Crimes against NE migrants

Several instances of violence to the migrants have been reported from time to time. North East Support Centre and Helpline has found that North East people in Delhi and NCR continue to face racial discrimination, racial attack, abuse, rape, molestation and killing. The Centre records 96 crimes against the NE migrants in Delhi and NCR, of which, 58% happened against women (34% molestation, 8% human trafficking, 7% beating, 4% rape, 2% attempt to rape), and 26% against men, 5% murder, 6% non-payment of salary, 3% non-refund rent deposit, 1% missing person and 1% media bias. About 78% of North Easterners in Delhi face racial discrimination in different forms which is slightly less compared to the 86% in 2009. The 83% of North East men and the 74% of their women face racial discrimination in Delhi and NCR.

NE needs investment in Education and Economic Development

The research study recommended Investment for Education and Economic Development of the north east region, a political will from Union Government, Delhi Government, and the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) for implementation of the existing laws, policies and plan of actions to end racial discrimination, sexual violence and human trafficking challenges faced by North East communities in national capital cities, establishment of private education institutions and law enforcing agencies to provide full security to the migrants from Northeast India.


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