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20 January 2011

The 10 Famous Rock Bands of India

Rock Band in India has a big craze right now,the current generation of India love to hear rock music. India is well known for its classical and folk music, Varanasi is famous for its music Garana. Indian rock is a genre of popular music in India that incorporates elements of Indian classical music and mainstream rock. India itself continued to produce bands in various styles of rock music, from soft rock and roll and rock pop, to hard rock and metal. The current Indian rock scene has a larger following than ever and may soon become recognized in the international. India has produced many rock bands, some of whom have made it into mainstream Indian music.

Agnee is the first Indian rock band to have seen a huge celebrated main stream release, and Shruti Haasan Band name Extramentals is the first girl band in India. Euphoria,an Indian rock band from the city of Delhi is most famous band in India. Their unique style of music with mixed electric guitar and traditional instruments like the tabla, dholak and sitar helped them gain an audience. Biggest platform for Rock Bands in India are the Independence Rock Festival Mumbai, Rock In India Bangalore, June Rock Out Chennai and The Hornbill National Rock in Northeast India. The Great Indian Rock festival was mostly held in Delhi, now foraying into Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.
Indian Ocean (Delhi): Indian Ocean is a contemporary rock band from Delhi, the capital city of India. The rock band has so far compiled music from different genres, including fusion, Indian, rock and jazz. This is the best band of Delhi, meanwhile Delhi’s music bands are well famous rock bands in India. Indian Ocean has performed across all over India, latest performance of Indian Ocean was in Pune in 2011. Some notable bands from Delhi include Parikrama, Hundred Octane, Indian Ocean and Them Clones.

Avial (Kerala): The Avial band’s music is a fusion of native folk music from Kerala and Alternative Rock. The band is named after the popular South Indian dish Avial. There are very few local language bands and Avial band is become the first ever alternative Malayali Rock band. Avial next album expected to be released in February 2011. Another famous rock band in Kerala is Mother Jane.

LBG (Little Babooshka’s Grind) (Chennai): The LBG is one of the pioneers of performing original music in Chennai. The album ‘Bad Children’ is the LBG’s first full-length studio music video and was the big hit. Chennai has a huge talented community of young musician, another best bands in Chennai is Junkyard Groove.

Tripwire (Mumbai): Tripwire band form the city of dreams mumbai,is the first punk band in India. Tripwire took Indian punk rock to the next level by being the first punk band ever to be chosen to play. Tripwire was formed in 2002 and has been playing shows across the country promoting Punk Rock. Famous Mumbai rock bands includes Black,The Works (Band), Zodiac, Khiladi, Asylum and Garden Of Thorns.
Bhoomi (Kolkata): Bhoomi –The Music of Earth is the best bangla band. Bhoomi band has the biggest and best collection of Bengali Songs in album JATRA SURU, which was the biggest hit album of bhoomi band. In July 2006 they became the first Indian band to play at the United Nations. Other most popular rock bands in Kolkata includes Cassini’s Division, Pseudonym, Hobos, Fossils and Cactus.
Thermal and a quarter (TAAQ) (Bangalore): Thermal and a Quarter is a rock band based in Bangalore,they describes its music as ‘Bangalore Rock’. Thermal and a quarter was notable for their focus on original music. They were among the first groups in Asia to make their music available under a Creative Commons. TAAQ has earned the enviable reputation of being a pioneering Indian Rock band. Bangalore bands also includes Raghu Dixit Project, Kryptos, Abondoned Agony and Inner Sanctum.
Soulmate (Shillong): The band created history by being the first and only blues band ever to represent India. Soulmate band is from Shillong, Meghalaya, inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues and the Blues-rocks. India’s Northeast in general and Shillong in particular is widely regarded as the “Rock Capital of India”. Northeast India popular bands includes Girish & The Chronicles (Gangtok), Escape Velocity (Guwahati), Magdalene (Mizoram) and Soulmate (Shillong).
Microtone (Hyderabad): This band has carved its own unique niche in the Indian rock scene, fusing rock with funk to give an uplifting style of rock. Microtone is considered to be one of the first bands of underground Indian rock from hyderabad. Hard Rock Cafe is the best platform for these rockers to perform. Hyderabad well known bands also includes Evergreen, Asian Heat, Wreckage and Native Tongue.
Silver (Pune): Silver, an experimental band created three year ago with the very intention of creating original music, from Pune. The famous rock band from pune has represented India in Taiwan at Asian beat. Nemesis and prosody bands are also known for its performance and original music in Pune. Highway 61 rock band in another famous band in Pune.
Nicotine (Indore): Nicotine is a Metal Rock band from Indore,came into existence in few years back. Nicotine band is well known for its original music and probably the most known band from the central part of the country. Other famous bands from the “heart of India”are Overdrive and Unforbidden Souls.



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