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07 March 2016

14-yr-old girl gives life to save others in Mizoram

Aizawl, Mar 7 : In an act of heroism, a 14-year-old girl in Darlawn in the district sacrificed her own life to save others recently. Report said Krista Rohlupuii, daughter of Laldawmliana, a resident of Venghlun locality in Darlawn, drowned in Tuivawl, as she was trying to save her two drowning friends.

Led by their teachers, students of Darlawn Public Middle School went for a post examination sightseeing to Rungdil on Wednesday last. They stopped at Tuivawl river banks to have lunch. When their teachers went away to get wild bananas and bamboo, Rohlupuii, a class seven student, and her four other friends went into the river to cool themselves.

Suddenly, two of them started drowning in the river. Seeing this, Rohlupuii went to their rescue. After she managed to pushed them to the banks, she was too weak and could not swim and drowned in the river.

Her headmaster and teachers found her body in the bed of the river later but could not retrieve it as none of them were a good diver.

They sought help from farmers from Suangpuilawn village, who were camping in their jhum fields not far from the river, to take out the body. Her body was brought home around 1600 hrs on the fateful day after it was examined at Darlawn PHC


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